I’m not mad actually I’m laughing

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Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Sh*t His Pants at McDonald's in 1997 dlvr.it/S3mSLd

I think @thepmo@twitter.com may have filled their own dacks

The public demands details
*bangs fist on porcelain*

Cheers @RightToKnowAu@twitter.com for this valuable reminder

Hey @thepmo@twitter.com what’s the go?

Don’t make me bring the @OAICgov@twitter.com in on this.

It's been more than 30 days, this makes it a deemed refusal and literally I am to take this as if the minister refused the request himself.

why don't you want to talk about engadine maccas @ScottMorrisonMP@twitter.com? I thought you found it funny old buddy ol pal
*slides into @OAICgov@twitter.com dms*

So only after contacting @OAICgov@twitter.com and their 'early intake and resolution team' getting in contact with @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com did i actually recieve any response, they said 'sorry for not replying earlier' but when push came to shove they tried to make out like i didn't make a valid request

So, I requested an internal review. this isn't a cia document. we're talking about shidding and farding here. they got it or they dont.
Also hi @thepmo@twitter.com! you have a request now too!
please don't ignore it like the other mean department did :( righttoknow.org.au/request/eng

I found the @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com office tried to confuse me by saying I'd already got the OAIC involved earlier and implied there was no further review. proves they only replied because they were prodded by an external agency.

So I asked @OAICgov@twitter.com if it was subject to a review - they advised no, they only prodded about the deadline. how misleading by @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com! OAIC helpfully asked if i wanted a review, which I do! I really wish that the dept would just give me the documents in the first place :(

more time passes. I get a reply from @thepmo@twitter.com. I'm advised that the @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com does FOI work for @thepmo@twitter.com. So... if you've been following, when i emailed @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com, they offered to refer the matter... to themselves? cool, not confusing at all.

The phone number matches the other office. It appears that both departments may just be staffed by one person. who knows, all the email sigs are anonymous. "Adviser, Senior Adviser, FOI Adviser".
I am not convinced that it's not just the same guy changing hats.

I give them a prod again via email, because it's near deadline, FINALLY, A RESPONSE.

Oh wait it's almost identical to the first one.

Again, it asserts "the documents, *if they exist* are not documents of a minister"

This confirms that they do exist, I will explain why 1)

You see, @camtyeson@twitter.com already put in a freedom of information request in 2019, and at the time there was no result. Now the story is, "if they exist", i can't have them because they're "not documents of a minister"
PS Cam, can you post the original FOI? 😁

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH EASIER TO SAY THEY DON'T EXIST AGAIN, But at the time, scomo hadn't brought up the topic himself on talk radio. you see, you don't bring up things that you want to talk about unprompted without planning. this request would likely reveal plan/strategy docs.

2) @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com & @thepmo@twitter.com argue that THE VERY TERMS "engadine mcdonalds" & "engadine maccas" do not relate to official business and therefore wont search for them. scomo has made it official business. In addition, any assumed reasons for request are irrelevant per FOI guidelines.

In conclusion, @ScottMorrisonMP@twitter.com absolutely does not, never has joked about this & can't take a joke whatsoever. If he did, he'd release both requests instead of stonewalling.
He can, any time, release these two requests.
Australia, contact your local MP:

Given it's so close to election, and @OAICgov@twitter.com so overworked - I don't know if we'll ever find out the truth.

As I said before,
the truth is out there.
(sound reccomended)

FYI @paleofuture@twitter.com your reporting sent me on a hell of a trip

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