@purserj @Posty yeah, cost is a factor for me too. Only VR-capable thing I've got is a playstation, and the Playstation VR kit is $$$.


@fortescue @purserj are you aware of the oculus quest 2? Most people I talk to don’t realise that completely standalone devices exist now for Vr and they’re great - no need to buy it as an “accessory” for existing PCs.

They have the option to connect to a beefy pc if you wanna go full hog later.

They’re quite affordable at $479 retail.

I’m keeping my eye on the second hand market and the quest 1 goes for around 300 - and that’s still a pretty decent entry level.

@fortescue @purserj
I have been exclusively playing the standalone games and they’re honestly excellent quality.

The only gotcha really is that Facebook own it and are requiring Facebook logins to use.

The market has moved on from $1000 systems.

Heck I bought @Tarale one

@Posty @fortescue I've had a look but right now they're still out of my price range.

My VR usage would be geared more towards things like flight Sims as I'm not really setup for full room usage

@purserj @fortescue you’d be surprised at the amount of seated experiences there are, it’s also finally becoming recognised more as an accessibility requirement. I find that you don’t need that much room. I play mainly in the gap between the table and the wall pictures. Or in my sons room. I haven’t played a single flight sim because I can’t be bothered getting a HOTAS.

@Posty @fortescue yeah my situation is less about the room and more about the permanent seating

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