The Internet has changed the way that I consume, were I in my teens and michael moore released a doco for free, I'd have watched that in a heartbeat "to judge myself". now I see people I follow and respect tearing it a new one for glaring inaccuracies-I wont make any time for it.

@Posty Moore, from my vague memories of what he’s been doing in the time since Bush II was President, has been sliding off the rails for a while.

@MattHatton i was reading his Wikipedia page and found out that he is technically a life member of the NRA, he joined to dismantle it as its president- but didn’t do enough research beforehand to find out that the president is not elected by membership, but by board of directors.

I think that roughly encapsulates most things he’s ever done. Heart in the right place but execution and important details lacking, can end up helping who he despises.

@Posty In my mind, not that this is based on any real knowledge of his stuff, is that he’s basically the leftie version of Alex Jones.

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