@Posty there are some real gems in Google maps reviews. Gotta love this dude spending all that time and effort to rebut a "keyboard warrior" without a hint of irony. That'll show him!

@mike @Posty I feel like buying a bag of chips so that I can do the kind of dump there that makes people call the fire brigade

@Posty I had to go dig this one up, for the Angler's Tavern.

Review describes how they overserved someone who fell over a fence and drowned, and the family not being allowed to leave a cross on the bank of the river in memorial and yet still gives it 2 stars.

The food must have been amazing.


@mike @Posty Old mate (in Posty’s original toot) has been harassing Erin and FindABed over this (it all stems from the three-year old going “I need to do a wee” on a trip to Newcastle and that being the first available place to stop. Tweets on the Birdshite ensued and...yeah)

@MattHatton @mike @Posty I thought that's what trees beside the road were for? 🤔

@Andrea @mike @Posty Not on that road.

Basically it boils down to he doesn’t train his staff to exercise a bit of common sense judgement, and cracked a sad when he got called on having a poorly considered policy.

@Posty @Andrea @mike We’re waiting for him to threaten defo. That’ll be fun.

My suspicion is that an IPA knob-end has got to him (a local one went there the day after the incident in question to make a big show of snowflakes or some garbage I can’t even remember. But I doubt some old, random servo owner is online enough to get upset about some toots).

@MattHatton @mike @Posty my goodness I didn’t realise this was the same Red Nude Dude. From professional experience alas I know that petrol station consolies are hard put upon, because the managers and franchisees of petrol stations are some of the worst people in the world, and worst in the Australian economy of franchiseeing, that’s worst

@liamvhogan @mike @Posty This isn’t even a franchise one, as far as I could tell. But yes, obviously this bloke is a cunt but no one has ever told him that to his face.

@MattHatton @mike @Posty the margins are so low in the industry that the only way any owner can make a living is by stealing from someone. Usually it’s the wages of the consolies, sometimes it’s suppliers, which was where I (stocktaker, age 20) came in, and I dreaded service stations because they were haunted by violent, paranoid people

@liamvhogan @mike @Posty It is the thing that always sticks out at me when you see those videos of servo stick ups.

You can spot the consolies because they do the sensible thing and hand over the cash. Owners are the ones weirdly proficient in wielding heavy objects in a manner that quickly incapacitates the man wearing his girlfriends stockings.

@MattHatton @mike @Posty I am a city boy and have no contact with guns. The only time I’ve ever seen anyone waving a pistol around was c.1997 in a service station in Ingleburn, it was the manager, and you have never seen anyone count chips and gum and mars bars so fast to get out

@liamvhogan @mike @Posty There is more than one service station around that area even now that give off that vibe even just driving past them.

@Posty the owner is really playing up the rude and aggressive angle.

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