Finally got dual outputs working on my amp - which I have neglected for YEARS.

Here’s an example - I can now twitch stream anything I want!

@Posty Neglected for years is a pretty good description of all my audio/music gear. Getting the house ready for Herself’s knee ops is involving a lot of sorting - currently looking to build a cabinet as much is rack mountable (some with minor modification) so I can actually get to use the damn stuff.

@grumpysmiffy @Tarale wants me to design a ikea monstrosity so my Cable’s aren’t everywhere, have been rearranging things to make the whole”tower” model possible. The standard setups are all horrible.

@Posty @Tarale Right here, right now, my bestie is a load of MDF left over from ~7 years ago, before I got the type of sick that sapped my creativity. And a table saw. And furniture castors - hot damn, I’ve built a fair bit of the “installed” furniture here, but never thought of wheels before. So my studio is materialising before my eyes, AND CAN BE MOVED AROUND.

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