How to gift this to my smoking mum who reeks of cig smoke after she’s had one - thoughts

@Posty Not sure if this was just here in Australia or not, but when I was a little-un, there was a soap ad that (for example) had a bloke get into his bed and find a block of soap and his wife give him a knowing smile. The slogan: "Don't wait to be told, you need Palmolive Gold". I could still sing it to you, 35 years later. I also make sure I use soap every time I get in the shower.

@Posty And I just realised you're in an Aus instance. Maybe you saw it too, assuming you're of an appropriate vintage.

@uxintro I don't think I am of appropriate vintage :P

my parents are antique collectors
they'd probably know it. it's where i get my love of history from.

@Posty imo, just hand a few packs to her and nod and leave.

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