Good morning friends :).

As you may have read, I am on leave.

Something I realised recently is that twitter can keep me too distracted from the real things I value in life.

I may pop in from time to time, my DMs are open.

If you'd like to keep in more regular touch, I'll be over at when I'm posting on leave... which should be less  

I've made my twitter account protected because frankly there's a lot of nasty people here that don't follow me.

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@Posty I have multiple reasons for needing Another Place and, for long, that has been my locked Twitter account. (Safety of other people I talk to on there, not having to watch my Ps and Qs when my primary was also my business presence, and now, because my social media usage could become subject to constraint at any time, if the ASD decides this should be the case, because I'm now effectively a public servant.)


@Posty But here is something else. It's this country boy has been living in the city, going to some big, noisy pub, seeing a few friends who you can hardly hear for crowds coming in and out, and not the place you want to be when you need quiet, or just to be able to chill with said friends. My alt is a bit like a private room in such an establishment.

Here? It's like the country pub where I know pretty much everybody, and can happily chat to those I don't. Home from home.

@Posty But this is Masto. Is your crossposter being weird?

@daedalus yeah sounds a bit weird doesn’t it. Should have worded for the tweets and the toots

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