At some point I would like to send an e-mail to people who haven't logged into their accounts for more than a year or so, telling them how Mastodon changed since April 2017

Should be noted that the text is written by @Mainebot with subsequent edits from me. If you like what you see and you need a copywriter, you can get in touch with him.

@Gargron @Mainebot Pretty great! I'd drop the word 'innovative' from the description of the account management system.
The word is overused, so people don't believe you and tune it out.
Worse, it's often used by techbros to justify some horrible thing they've done "But it's innovative!".
Why would people care that it's innovative? Highlight that benefit instead.

@daedalus @Gargron @Mainebot innovative is listed on the verification system and I actually think they're the first social network to do it.

not a big fan of 'revolutionary' though on the follower management.

@Posty @Gargron @Mainebot Okay, but Mastodon was innovative a year ago, and I stopped using it, so why does 'innovation' bring me back?
It's not a fatal flaw or anything, I just get endless press releases with 'innovation' in the headline and it's just *everywhere*.


@daedalus @Gargron @Mainebot agree with innovative being overused to be almost meaningless. “Never before seen”? At its core impersonation was a technically valid criticism of mastodon (though minor in reality) and well worth celebrating.

@Posty @daedalus @gargron

This is nitpicking a detail that will be forgotten so quickly as to be invisible. There's no CTA that's going to succeed or fail due to the presence or absence of the word.

@Mainebot @Posty @Gargron Indeed. Most people won't even open the email.
I should have spent more time describing all the things I liked rather than summarising as "pretty great" before mentioning something I personally found less great.
I'll leave you to it.

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