If you are surprised by many people giving Linus a pass, just recall that FOSS nerds defended Hans Reiser until he literally confessed to murder and led the police to the body.


@sigkill I have heard linus was a dick since I was a teen, I’ve read like one article and zero of his tirades but isn’t it a good thing he’s getting help?

@Posty I mean, yes, it is… it's just that the news dredged up the extensive history of people's defence or admiration of his past behaviour, which some are still surprised by.

@Posty so I'm not really dragging Linus here, but rather people ignoring/defending bad behaviour. See also: Elon Musk fan club.

@sigkill the more i grow older the more i learn that someone who has done or accomplished something in some way respectable has been a dick in their past. It's nice when they're not. Neil Cicerega is my current holdout champion in the "kill your heroes/buddha" contest.

I hate the musk fandom and some of my best friends I know are among them (not twitter reply guys thankfully).

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