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So - when "youtube premium" is "ad free" but the majority of content I watch and enjoy features advertorial from fucking skillshare, nordvpn and squarespace what would I really be paying for? slightly less ads?

yes, youtubers need to make a living but goddamn do ads ruin the net

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I am queuing 45 minutes to see Santa at a suburban shopping centre

There’s already a queue


if you made a fucking commitment you'd actually be able to argue a point but nooooo

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i missed the original but it's a hell of a bit of imagery to see someone in a 'it's time' shirt being dragged off a labor stage



literal rage against the machine


People Are Harassing Waymo's Self-Driving Vehicles


I can't believe there's going to be a fucked blue rat: the movie

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Just did a job interview that was entirely computer automated and it's weird dehumanising experience to perform entirely to a camera to questions that you do not know in advance.

do not recommend

haha fucking finally commbank got over themselves
RT Apple Pay is coming for CommBank personal customers January 2019 🙌🎉


Call from - I have learnt that / NDIA have recently dropped funding for their Assistance dogs. Can't find anything about it on their website though - only:
They're having a funding drive naturally

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that's where i found the tweet link

i wanted to link to the tweet- but those sweet pictures are gone

like shadows

and dust


nooooo twitter suspended the guy who got the signed image of jon from garfield drinking dog cum and doesn't load for me

this moment lost

like tears in the rain

Hey could you please confirm my understanding that you now require payment if I talk to a real person at your bank? That is what an “assisted withdrawal” is right? Do any account types feature free assisted withdrawal?

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