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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

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scammers getting real lazy, the amazon scammers just hung up when i said 'but amazon prime doesn't even cost $99 though.'

yes son, please shake and make a racket specifically when I'm doing the speaking at the morning standup - completely rendering my ability to brain inoperable


oh god I just watched the /r/antiwork fox interview

that was just horrible.

They needed someone from or the like to help. That was just awful.

way to blow credibility.

I *probably don’t have the rona.
Still mild annoying headache but not getting worse

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So, I'm only not a 'close contact' for a covid case by SA Health guidelines because positive colleague said symptoms started on monday and theres 2 days prior.

I feel like reluctance to do covid testing on a weekend is not taken into account here, but eh

Well something good arrived today


remember when there were like 15 new cases and this caused a lockdown.

I'm seeing cases everywhere.

whee pandemic.

Cool cool, someone I worked next to for 30m friday has covid. they only were symptomatic yesterday, but whee more working from home and monitoring of

Listening to the absolutely commercial in confidence Centrelink hold music and it's very 50s disney

I’m actually enjoying some of the writing in mortal kombat, mainly kano’s interplay

birbsite nft 

Every single hexagon you see is spending $5 a month to show off their pointless bit of shit, like it’s amazing that Twitter has found a way to get in on the nft grift

about the only thing that had any sort of semblance of agreement is that refunds are a problem

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mention how not accepting crypto is the easiest way to contribute to helping climate change
talk about 'oh well proof of stake solves that'
'yeah well bitcoin doesnt use that'
'but this doesn't mean it's not a solved problem'

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found out I must work cryptocurrency holders - I had someone tell me 'it's just easier to pay for some things with crypto'.
I said name 3
'some api's... sending money internationally'
'funny how drugs aren't on there, i know that's pretty easy'
'is the internet just for porn?'

somehow made me want to buy a can opener

The smell of those noodles forced to exit the room. They were spicy enough to defeat me from finishing the entire bowl, but I enjoyed the tofu slivers and beef flavour.
3/5 would eat again but not going out my way for it

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RE: The comment about a priority list is now without merit, I have toyed with the idea of a “crew” or “clan” ala gaming, but there is some thing from memory in the foi guidelines about treating group requests as one. Hence we should inspire you all to do requests for max chaos


The video for my talk "How To Annoy The Government With FOI Requests" is back up after being re-encoded:
Please share and enjoy.

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