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Hi! If you're reading this, please ask yourself "Why Are You Here?" - let's start with the instance you're on, and expand to mastodon. do you prefer this federated, self hosted model? just trying something new? tell us all.
You can read my and many other responses over at .
I'd love to read yours.

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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

not bad, waiting for the wifi to come back up after a firmware update

ok so it was a crab spider

why did the guy have to tell us his virgin story before dying

this film is fucking weird

then the bicycle end, blah.

i hope the remakes better - i saw the trailer with the old lady and that was def scarier.

i'm watching the original 'IT' and like pennywise is meant to be unnerving - and he kinda is a little with the fangs, but everytime i see him I just see Tim Curry clearly having a fucking ball of a time and I laugh

i can now play the uh.. chorus? of "so fresh, so clean" on the xylophone.


Another hour of telling a two year old to wait on a step in a pool

@Posty so to answer your question I would argue that the people we see in Wall•E are the offspring only people left alive since the collapse of earth's ecosystem that can afford to have continued buying for 700 years, and as an unstated but plausible side effect, everyone else of the world's 200 billion people and their family trees are wiped out because they cannot afford to live for 6 generations on a luxury cruise liner.

"try blue, it's the new red" and bam, they instantly had it.

did they all purchase that? was this like DLC skins?

this is what goes through my head while watching wall e for probably the fourth time in a week thanks for reading

what the humans talk about is largely social contextless garbage from memory. is it like a basic income thing? the food is "regenerative". what are these people buying? every need appears catered for apart from physical health.
the ship sold fashion instantly with

mainly governance/society, it's like 700 years from the horrific climate event - as far as I can tell all jobs are automated, yet some form of capitalism/trade exists because there's an economy section, there's a "free" cupcake in a cup.
How do these fat bastards earn any money?

So, mr 2's current obsession is watching "Wall-E" over and over again, which means i watch it too while making sure he doesn't injure himself going "FOREIGN CONTAMINANT" over everything in the lounge and it's made me think about a few things

I have sent my last editorial cartoon to The Australian tonight. Will be doing Saturday’s business cartoon for the oz tomorrow which is a little anticlimactic but will be drawing for the Saturday paper starting next week which will be fun.

lol. Twitter added a $99 pay to win subscription service

I want to see a "batman like"- but instead of fighting crime they just harass the fuck out of billionares to make them pay more taxes, pay their staff more and stop hiding their wealth.
if they dont-rubber hose time, cops can't get 'em
im not a comic guy, does this exist?

Just had a lovely awkward phonecall with the pizza place telling them they gave us food poisoning

oh god i felt like i threw up my entire organs overnight. food poisoning from pepperoni. it hurts me to type the word.

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