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Hi! If you're reading this, please ask yourself "Why Are You Here?" - let's start with the instance you're on, and expand to mastodon. do you prefer this federated, self hosted model? just trying something new? tell us all.
You can read my and many other responses over at .
I'd love to read yours.

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Twitter is just software. Written by a company hostile to their own users, who could ban nazi's in a snap, but don't. I'm here because most are. Let's change - On the Internet, you can be in two places at once. The least that could happen is Twitter improves.

Finally it’s obvious that the public sector has moved past its treasury-led mission to do more with less, and has arrived at the obvious endpoint of ‘efficiency dividend’, which is simply doing less

discussing youtube -

"SURELY you want me to optimise my mashed potatoes!"

doing a 'project management ethics' course, which talks about the 'business ethics leadership alliance' - which i independently google - the first of which, peer example is - Coca-Cola for their 'supplier code of conduct'.




OK so watching a random youtube video of 'funny tv moments' - i was not aware that the 'host' in "the running man" 1987 *actually was* the original host of family feud.

I mean, he nailed the part. but that connects the dots as an Australian.

2000's mobile phone terms you don't hear about much anymore - "pranking"

In root I can’t seem to open the federated timeline from, but I can from Weird

I watched hbomberguy’s pathologic review and boy I was entertained by his/the games masochism but there’s no way in hell im playing that game.

Ah let’s see what’s on the App Store

Yep that’s about right

gotta tell ya

not loving this catastrophic fire danger

really puts a dampener on your day

Think it’s under control but I was only willing to go check until *after* I packed

Oh great, I got home and called 000 made sure this was reported. Just around the corner. More fireys on way. Fireys said my house should be fine but I’m gathering documents and stuff in case - frazzled. and mr 2 is safe at friends

it is the year of our lord 2019, and there are still companies making money by selling flash content.



Watched some of the “hazbin hotel” pilot on YouTube and its just way too tonally weird and pointlessly fast for me. Not my thing at all, but I don’t think I’m the target audience.

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