Hello everyone - I only joined yesterday but am loving it already. I have invited all my friends and a professional group I am part of on FB and IRL to come here and create a new community. Obviously, I'm bumbling around like a koala who's just been separated from her eucalyptus leaves... would you please offer some tips for friends who are ... a little challenged in the tech area? How to find one's way around and so forth? TIA

Hi everyone! Lovely to have an Australian social media platform. I am a former journalist and now do editing work on book manuscripts and theses. I also write, and have self-published three fantasy novels and a poetry book. I have lived in the tropical coastal city of Mackay in Queensland since 1985.

I'm new here (hi!) - I would love to follow some people/interesting folks, but I need to know who they are. Please send me a note/mention or update your profile so I know who you are.


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya