My name is Mina, and I'm Melbourne based.
I run my own business, Perfectly Imperfect Dolls, although like most other people, business has almost disappeared at the moment despite being online based mainly!
Have always hated current popular forms of social media, and refused to take part, when i heard about mastodon, was very excited, as i was an avid livejournal user back in the 90s, and this is a great way for people to connect to my business without me selling my soul!!

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@peemee thankyou so much! The website itself needs much work, heh, but it, obviously, does its job in the meantime! 😉

@clinquant ah yes...back in the days of a more innocent internet...
...hang on... it wasn't innocent...ah that must just be the rose coloured nostalgia talking! 😂

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