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@grumpysmiffy if only everyone used Signal and we could disable the main phone feature (at least incoming). Then all contacts could be verified

To anyone out there who has played a regular and significant role in raising a child, or is currently a regular and significant part of a child raising 'team': all the love in the world goes out to you on this, the day we pause and take the time to acknowledge all that you do.
Yes, the mummas, without whom we wouldnt be here, but lets not forget all the guardians, grandmas, aunts, nannys etc, who dont have a day and often have a significant role in our daily lives too πŸ’—πŸ’

I know there have been postage delays and international economy parcels was suspended on 3rd April.

But a parcel posted on 24th March, to the USA, via standard parcel, not economy, should NOT have taken until the 8th of May just to land in LA....

But at least that one has turn up. A second one, exactly the same, posted 2 days later is still missing in action...

Grrr 🀬

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Written by a native american, im not sure from which nation. So beautiful and true

No clever editing, just a regular old 19 inch dragon and a tiny naughty fluff ball

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offer exclusively for you lovely australian mastodon users, and I rarely do sales so its a bigger deal than it may seem, lol.

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So I was randomly emailed by British Vogue today for inclusion in an upcoming kids related spread. Of course I have to pay for it if I am interested. Lol. Couldnt afford it in a million years, especially at the moment! Lol.
Got to say though it was very nice to get approached by them totally out of the blue though...
Makes me feel like this whole business thang is actually maybe going to work...πŸ€”πŸ˜Š


My name is Mina, and I'm Melbourne based.
I run my own business, Perfectly Imperfect Dolls, although like most other people, business has almost disappeared at the moment despite being online based mainly!
Have always hated current popular forms of social media, and refused to take part, when i heard about mastodon, was very excited, as i was an avid livejournal user back in the 90s, and this is a great way for people to connect to my business without me selling my soul!!


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