Melb on stage 4 lockdown from tonight. Curfew from 8pm until 5am daily. Cannot travel more than 5 K from house for any reason. Once daily trip to supermarket, one hour exercise per day. No groups over 2, for any reason. State of disaster is being declared, on top of current state of emergency. Police will have extra powers and will be stopping and questioning people seen out and about. Additional ADF troops to be coming, and unsworn police members will have equivalent powets. Fun fun fun.

Anyone here who have the time (and inclination) to double check some normal, more oldschool style, website coding for me? Able to pay something for your time and effort. No i cant you give any more specifics on what language etc, sorry, because I don't know! 🤣. But if interested let me know privately and will tell you what little more i do know about it 😉

Meet the newest rag doll, Radella the faerie! She's not quite finished yet, but very happy with how shes turned out so thought a sneak peak was in order 💜

I try to imagine telling 1999 me what 2020 would be like and I don’t believe myself.

As part of the imagination accessories section i have a range of ready to hang hand painted artist originals available. All painted by my other half. But he also has many other original, ready to hang pieces available for sale that arent as child friendly (and so dont get put up on p.i. dolls!) If anyone happens to be intereted just contact me privately...they desperately need appreciative homes as we have run out of wall! Heh

Have you seen our fae folk doors? They all really open and close. And behind each door is a different scene of some far away place, just visible under a shimmery cloud. The doors all glow in the dark too, like they really are lit from within by the magic of the fae folk. Some of the doors also respond to uv light as well!

Millicent the friendly witch also still needs a forever home. She is made with mix of organic cotton, hemp, and regular cotton fabrics and natural stuffing. She was inspired by the old kids book 'the worst witch'. Her second outfit is a trendy 'day of the dead' sugar skulls jacket and skirt.
Happy to negotiate a special deal or price. But only for you fabulous mastodon people. Just contact me privately :)

Incidentally, Dulcie is, not including her hat, also made only from GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics. And stuffed with certified natural organic stuffing.

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Our very special gothic Victorian inspired doll, Dulcie, is still looking for a forever home...she features an adult womens sized, bespoke, mini top top from designer Topsy Turvy Design care of Charley Weaver (and our storage area for about 20 years!). The buttons of her eyes are glass, she has lace trimmed pantalettes with a matching handpainted slip, and studs around the top of her black boots.
More than happy to negotiate a special price for any mastodon users who are interested in her :)

The Latest pixie rag doll! Let me introduce you to Vivi the Pixie, made with official, limitied edition May Gibbs Blossom Babies fabric

I know of someone who is looking for a freelancer for, at this stage, a one off job: LinkedIn content & lead gen
Anyone interested let me know privately and i will pass on info

New business cards arrived this morning! eco friendly printing on 100% recycled card. This is the general version. Also got a personal version printed (front is the same in both, personal one the back of card just has more and different info)

My bright shiny redesigned website is coming along nicely, think it will be pretty close to perfect once done...! 😁

8kg of certified organic, straight from the farm to me, downs wool. It has been scoured with biodegradable detergent, but is otherwise untreated. So its good for people, the sheep, and the environment. Plus it has such a lovely and soft but comfortably firm spring to it. Lots and lots of dolls and toys ahead!! 🥰😁

new tags have finally arrived so finally get stuck back into lastest addition is another for my 'rainbow spirit' collection. All the rainbow spirit dolls have their 'skin fabric' hand tie dyed fun colours that are anything but skin colour....basically they are designed to celebrate diversity and remind people that doesn't matter if you black, white, or green with purple polka dots, we all human and our differences should draw us together and make society stronger, not push us apart.

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