Great blog by @m3me about #Occupy movement.

Though I loved being part of it, my experience of Occupy at the time was that is was too much of a "cacophony of different opinions" and therefore unlikely to bring lasting change. Let alone the revolutionary impact that some expected.

But Mat's article made me realize that something unique happened, which until now I didn't fully realize. A thing of incredible beauty. What Occupy brought forth was… People!


Five Dock Public School
Ready for winter 2nd Hand Uniforms Event

Right on term start, on Wednesday, 27/4/22 there will be a second hand uniform stall from 10-11 am at LANCELOT Street between the two school gates.

This event is cash only. Please bring sufficient amounts to complete your purchase. Prices are $2 per item.
At the event, please follow general Covid guidelines regarding monitoring symptoms and social distancing. No need to wear a facemask.
Thank you for your donations!! You can continue donating preloved good quality official uniform items with undamaged fabric at the event or to the school office.

The P&C uniform volunteers


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