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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

I'm meant to be studying for an AWS certification.

Will send nudes for pain relief.

Wait, probably more successful if I offer not to send them in return for pain relief.

Whinge / Swears 

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I made this, Fedifriends. Feel free to do non-commercial stuff with it if you want. CC-BY-NC.

Definitely time for sleeping. Good night fediverse.

@bestthingsbot I had a coffee catch up with a good mate.


@ben_hr Looks much like Mastodon to be honest.

Hello federationverse or whatever this place is called.

@bestthingsbot got some code to finally work after bashing my head against it for a few days

@geordie Yes, just a very busy start to the financial year. Nothing a good sleep won't cure :)

@geordie It's been a day. The evening has been nicer. Yourself?

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