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«The Gates Foundation for example, is strongly “pro-life,” which is one of the strongest arguments I can think of, for why philanthropists should instead be taxed and the funds they would have spent on their conception of the public good dispersed through democratic means, rather than allowing the personal opinions of an individual become de facto healthcare policy.»
I really like this blog post by @bgcarlisle.

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

I'm meant to be studying for an AWS certification.

Will send nudes for pain relief.

Wait, probably more successful if I offer not to send them in return for pain relief.

Whinge / Swears 

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I made this, Fedifriends. Feel free to do non-commercial stuff with it if you want. CC-BY-NC.

Definitely time for sleeping. Good night fediverse.


Hello federationverse or whatever this place is called.

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I should look into the API for this place

How's your Sunday been? Some gardening, pancake making and some house tidying here.

Kmart need to sort out their click n collect shit. 😩


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