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I've been on the birdsite about 9 years and had a mostly great experience. Then they killed 3rd party apps and without my beloved Tweetbot I just can't take their shitty native app. So here I am but I have to check back there regularly for my news/political fix. I met many fine people through that place. Hope I do here, too.

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I'm Lil. I'm in the outer east of Melbourne and have run my own business from home, in the medical field for 16 years (early adopter of online contracting). I'm mum to a 22yo son who is a thoroughly decent human being, even if I did make him myself! I've thankfully reached the age where I truly DGAF what others think of me. I wish I could bottle that understanding and give it to young people to save them years of unnecessary torment. Political, pun lover & a bit sweary. Hi!

The doggie meet and greet went So well! Loki and Lance got along great. Adoption approved and son can collect his new buddy in two weeks when they all move into the new house. He’s so gorgeous!

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Today son and I are driving to Phillip Island to look at a little 6yo Pomeranian. His owner died a few months ago & the family can’t keep him. He sounds delicious. His name is Loki, same as our best-ever cat who died a few years ago. Fingers crossed he can find his forever home with my son, his housemates & Lance, the 10yo poodle. hes the golden one.

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Well I got quite wrung out and emotional after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody last night. Obviously not perfect and very stylised but brilliant performances from everyone. Rami Malek was just incredible.

So excited to be seeing Bohemian Rhapsody at Vmax tonight!

I was meant to be in town late this afternoon, to eat at Tim Ho Wan in Bourke Street before more filming. It’s just a few doors up from where that terrible thing happened today. Shocking traffic on Wellington Rd and lousy weather made us decide not to go. Tiny decisions...
What a terrible thing to happen. Heartbreaking for the family of the victim who died. And the fact the guy was Somali. As if that poor community hasn’t been vilified enough. 😔

Long shot but here goes. Melb/Vic. Son is looking for a dog. Small to small-medium. Over 4 but not too old. Desexed. Socialised to other small dogs (will be companion to a 10yo poodle), toilet trained, lead trained. Friendly, cute, etc. Household of 3 animal lovers. Mostly indoors but house has secure backyard & will be taken for walks every day. It’s proving really hard. Many animal shelters won’t let under 25s adopt (seriously!) & competition is fierce. Willing to pay of course. Let me know!

I’m at the blood bank donating my O neg in case you need it!

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Hung a thing on the wall and the cat has decided it's his new lord and master

And Lo, the rain did falleth in large bucketfuls, and scheduled to do so pretty much all day, on this day, the Day of the Race.

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Stupidly hung clothes on the line last night because apparently 27c today. But of course rain 🙄

Yesterday it was the wondrous World of the Book at the Victorian State Library.

Really getting my art on this weekend. Today it’s the BOAA in Ballarat.

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