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I've been on the birdsite about 9 years and had a mostly great experience. Then they killed 3rd party apps and without my beloved Tweetbot I just can't take their shitty native app. So here I am but I have to check back there regularly for my news/political fix. I met many fine people through that place. Hope I do here, too.

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I'm Lil. I'm in the outer east of Melbourne and have run my own business from home, in the medical field for 16 years (early adopter of online contracting). I'm mum to a 22yo son who is a thoroughly decent human being, even if I did make him myself! I've thankfully reached the age where I truly DGAF what others think of me. I wish I could bottle that understanding and give it to young people to save them years of unnecessary torment. Political, pun lover & a bit sweary. Hi!

Glorious Melbourne spring day. Clothes drying on the line, a bit of work, then off to a photo gallery in Fitzroy wth a friend. Life is good today.

Son’s interview sounds like it went really well. He finds out in a few days. There’s several positions so he think he might have a shot.

My son has an interview today for an office based job. He’s been in hospo four years. He’s nervous as hell. The job would be a huge boost for him so fingers crossed.

Hey Sydney people, I’ll miss you. Tonight’s the night!

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Happy First month! is 4 weeks old?!

Thank you so much to our 160 members... :redpanda: :redpanda2:

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It’s Monday again! Mine will consist of work, a solicitor apt for Dementia Dad to sign a POA for the Motherator, followed by the dentist. I wish it was Tuesday already. Have a good one Tooters.

Oh the indignity. This good boi was once someone’s best mate. Now he’s stuffed, looking tatty, and only half of him! in a box, at the Camberwell Market.

I seem to have missed something involving a python and an 11 year old.

So while you’re enjoying the warmth Sydney (currently 27.7c according to the BOM), I’ve got this!

Go home Melbourne weather, you’re drunk.

It’s dark, very windy and something large just dropped on the roof. Welcome to Saturday in the Hills.

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My kingdom for an iPad cover/stand that doesn’t fall down every 10 seconds 🤬

Also, I loathe those people, those protesters. The idiots and nut jobs who to this day harass people at least once a week. Better get that out of the way if we’re going to talk 😂

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