@Moxhuman Of all the places I've been on social media, this is the nicest, most relaxed, most friendly.

Been staying off Twitter a fair bit recently, as I follow a lot of Americans who are commenting on current events, and I really don't need that right now!

@grumpysmiffy I feel that completely, the bird site's algorithm has decided that I only want to see posts relating to POTUS and advertisements.. Definitely not my vibe!

I am still learning how to use this platform, but ive allready seen a lot of people who have similar interests (science, FLOSS, Art, to name a few!)

@Moxhuman The thing I really like about this instance is the use of Content Warnings, and not just for the things you'd normally think of - it really lets you choose what you see.

@grumpysmiffy I saw the CW tag, but I am unsure as to what the etiquette around its use is!

@Moxhuman I'd say just watch how it's used. There are no hard and fast rules.

Note that as it hides the full toot, it can be a good way not to fill the timeline with lengthy stuff. So I'll CW any longer posts with the subject so people can open, or just scroll on.

Things you might not think about are images with eye contact, which some people find uncomfortable.

Definitely the usual religion and politics, which tends to get broken down as, for instance, auspol, uspol.

@grumpysmiffy Ive allready found so many people within a day just chatting and having a conversation.. I really like the small community feel so far! Thanks for reaching out!

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