Who's going to Weyes Blood in Melbs?!!

I know this is desperately nerdy, but I really miss proofreading. I'm marking student proofreading work rn. And it is so...weirdly calming. Pls keep me in mind for any proofreading needs (my rate is reasonable).

Eek. Just had a scary skid driving back from rural vic in the torrential rain. Luckily my car has good dynamics. But feeling a bit freaked out. Take care out there, lovelies.

I shall soon be wholly consumed by the shade of WOKE ASS MELBOURNE BISH

The fact that I bought (and am considering drinking) this, may just be the scariest thing this Halloween.

Oh god. My studio crush is hitting me up for book recommendations. Pretty sure they think it's flirting. But gawd help me. If you ask me for book recs, I'm gonna take that shit serious. 😅

So...my friend got me to watch the new Watchmen. And...wow. Just...wow.

I also have mild heat stroke. Which means I got enough sun to get mild heat stroke. So naturally, I am woozy, but extremely happy.

Datey date date 

And not just for a cozy int either. I have QUESTIONS

I mean C'MON. 'Would I'? Be INTERESTED?!'...🤷🏽‍♀️

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Can't wait to graduate and become a gender trader

quitters club 

...A room without a view
Unveils the truth so soon
And when the sun goes down
You've lost what you had...

I like talking in my sleep
When people work so hard
They need what they can't keep
A choice that leaves them scarred...

If (when) they kiss I'm gonna swoon...

My sweet beautiful friend (who recently left a long-term relationship) is on her first date with a woman in a long time. She keeps sending me all these 'pls hulp' messages that are crushingly adorable.

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