It has begun: peeling off the lockdown grunge. Haircut tomorrow, and new ginger corduroy jumpsuit by a local maker today. Hullo Melbs.

I’m having a gin and chip dinner. It is fine.

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A couple of years ago, BuzzFeed asked a former White House official to explain the logic behind some bizarre Trump action. The official responded with one of the master quotes of the Trump era. President Trump, the official said, is not playing “the sort of three-dimensional chess people ascribe to decisions like this. More often than not he’s just eating the pieces.”

Been having trouble communicating with someone. I keep trying, and it keeps going wrong. So it was kinda nice to get this reminder from an editing student tonight that I’m not actually a failure—I’m usually pretty good at working things out.

Thrilled to inform you that I am now engaged to the Alison Brie comment. We will be married in June with 10 to 20 of our close friends, swaying 1.5 metres apart on the open air dance floor

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Today in bi dating news I present...No. Contest. (subhead: ‘Why am I still dating guys?’)

Though got a cold myself rn, so will do the right thing and get tested, too.

In extremely exciting news, I, a Victorian, will be having dinner IRL with a v.small group of friends, who’ve all tested negative. I’m starting to plan my outfit and overzealous-hug restraint now 👯‍♀️👯

Okay. Who else feels like this has been a mitigated disaster? Totally checking my privilege rn, but I’ve definitely found some positives amid the crushing boredom, overwork, lack of physical contact, and fear of friends’/family’s wellbeing.

I’ve had to sit with some uncomfortable issues, face up to them. And deal with bad habits, make new ones. I hope I hang onto a little of this new perspective. Anyone else have a nuanced experience of all this?

My dog (I have a dog now...loooong story) is snoring next to my desk. Cos she is also BORED.

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Oh gawd. I am working on a Saturday night and I am officially SO BORED. When this is over, one of you Melbs-based folks better be organising a proper party. I will be there in full dance mode with a huge grin.

Got a 42 minute zoom dance party tonight, and really struggling to work out which leotard goes best with moccasins?


So another member of my extended family in the UK has been hospitalised. This one, a healthcare worker, young and fit. Still ended up with covid-linked pneumonia. It’s a bastard of a thing. Proud of us all for doing our best to stay home. It’s worth it. Of course the NHS investing in actual PPE for its workers would’ve been fucking nice, too.

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