I long for the day Australians elect a competent, caring government that is committed to impoving the lives of the general public and a prime minister who isn't a conceited, duplicitous, prevaricating, corrupt, self-absorbed buffoon

"He's the king of the sun
The Devil in disguise
Who could have seen
That his kingdom soon would fall
A funeral pyre of dark desire
He was the king of the sun..."
Vale! youtu.be/yfEKzZxAzH8

Scotty from Bilgewater has finally announced the election date: Sunday 21 May.
If you prefer a postal vote rather than going out to possibly catch covid, apply here and apply NOW! aec.gov.au/election/pva.htm

It will be bliss watching the smirk drain from Sideshow Scott's face on election night. That's if he has the guts to show himself! theaimn.com/smirko-flashes-his

"will lose the election, and he will become our next Billy McMahon: a former PM so disliked by the public and loathed by his own party that his post-political life will be a lonely, friendless affair, punctuated by his occasional insistence to nobody that it was everyone else’s fault." patreon.com/posts/64614354

Razor Wire and Electric Fences for Iraqis and Syrians, Jobs and Welfare for Ukrainians

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'looked like losing a preselection contest for the seat of Cook in the Sutherland Shire when he allegedly told key party members that a popular rival was rumoured to be “a Moslem” who would damage the party’s chances. It was 2007, just two years after the Cronulla riots.' thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/p

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