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UPDATE: Managed to wash the dishes without somehow managed to slice my wrists open with the sharp knife while handling them in soapy water.

Must be on the improve.

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You know those days where everything is needlessly harder than it should be?

I’m having one of those.


I've got a bit of meat stuck between two teeth and I cannot find a toothpick and it WILL NOT FUCKING BUDGE and fuck me it's pissing me the fuck off.

Might go and read some business advice think pieces on LinkedIn so I can get to the "let's just find some bleach to neck and get this over with" stage.

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You know those days where you just want to flip over your desk and hurl the computer out a window?


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The Chief Epidemiologist of the local Facebook group has not editorialised today's update.

I am taking that as a win.

Today is a “let’s just mainline coffee” sort of day.

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Ahh, yes.

14 cases where we know exactly where they got it and where they've been down to a 45--minute window inside one section of a pub.

It's absolutely fucking awful.

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Let's check in with the Chief Epidemiologist on the local Facey group.

Me: This is bad.

Some auspol deadshit: Yes, this is bad.

Me: We should change this.

Auspol deadshit: What about [exactly the bad thing but worded differently]

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I shouldn't be surprised that "yeah you can pay for capital works on your rental property in co-operation with your landlord on top of the rent you're already paying" is an idea that hasn't immediately being laughed out of the fucking discourse.

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Paul Howes is being appointed to the federal government's covid commission.

That moment when your fingers are on the keyboard, you're about to Google something important and then, in an instant, the thought is gone and you have abslutely no idea what it was so you just sit there, staring through the screen into the middle distance while your fingers bounce lightly on the keys in the hope that your subconcious will trawl up whatever that thought was so you can move on with your life.

Hello, and welcome to Monday.

Anyway, this has been Random Race Track feels.

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Then again, they were going to add Zandvoort to the calendar this year (also COVID-cancelled).

They haven’t raced there since 1985 and I’m not convinced even with the upgrades that the rolling circuit in the sand dunes is up for taking a modern F1 car.

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Drove a couple of laps of the now cancelled Vietnamese Grand Prix circuit in the F1 video game this evening.

They’re kidding themselves that place is going hold an actual F1 race. It’s ~mental~.

It’s like the design brief was “Macau, but more mental”.

Erin’s birthday today.

She’s in bed reading a book. It’s raining pretty steadily so Bub is having a day where watching copious amounts of iPad is not only allowed but encouraged. I’m three coffees in, have cleaned the coffee machine and the washing machine and now in the laundry rotation while watching some baseball.

I think everyone is winning, really.

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Of course, everything could change next week, but the numbers are looking really, really good for us now.

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15 cases in NSW today. Eight (8) associated with the Thai restaurant, six in quarantine and one under investigation.

It's incredible watching the people that cannot comprehend the idea that a liberal state government has actually done a Good Job managing our response to this. The screeching over us being on the cusp of a Full Victoria moment is getting funnier and funnier because it's just not happening.

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