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Really thinking about drinking some bleach. That’ll sort things out, yes?

*upends table*

I’m fucking going to bed

The fucking chickens got more airplay than Erin did.

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Although looking at the run down they posted to the Birdshite, it’s going to be truncated and probably will end up being just a line in a story about housing for medicos.

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So that 7.30 thing for Erin I filmed a few weeks back?

It’s airing tonight.

And now she’s run off on a phone call and I’m stuck here. Covered in whatever this is.

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*emerges from home office after full day on the tools*

Erin: “ohhhh your skin looks a bit dry. Sit down and I’ll put something on it”

*many minutes later*

I just lopped off the iso-beard. My skin is....not great.

Temperature: 14.1

Feels like: 7

That’s....a gap.

Watching Bluey with Bub while she eats breakfast. Hammerbarn episode comes on.

Bub leans in and whispers “Hammerbarn is Bunnings” in my ear.

Bub just arrived with a pile of random photos from when she was a baby.

Among them is this absolute classic.

3kg of sausages (split evenly across plain, lamb, feta and herb as well as chicken with chilli and lime) did the leg work @ $20/kg each.

They make this sweet lamb curry, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, that is food of the gods. That’s another $25-odd but you get at least three meals out of it.

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“Yeah excellent. Don’t have to get too much from the butcher this week.”

*still manages to spend $120*

Bombay Sapphire (English Estate, limited edition). And an amount of tonic.

Ooffff. Notice the difference when I move from the $50/bottle vermouth to the $17/bottle.

Solid optics as the sun dips below the mountains and out of sight.

So the farm’s solar array is currently churning out 6200 watts. Is that... a lot?

Electricity is one thing I could never get my head around.

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