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My headphones are making that urgent beeping noise they make when they're about to run out of battery, but there's only 40 minutes until I'm out of here and WILL THEY HOLD ON?

Stay tuned to find out.

Someone at work has somehow got their work computer made to be part of their kid's school's network and now nothing works and HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

t h i s f o o t d o e s n o t e x i s t

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Tumblr advertisement, feet pic 

Well fuck that's going to be an inconvenient outage.

I lead, and this is no joke, an exciting life at work.

And, now, let's build an email in Mailchimp because work paid for a subscription to now we have to use it.

Twitter about to start pursuing the camgirl premium snapchat market.

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here's a clip of it clearing smoke from a plastic box. This was a 2min test to see if the fan had enough static pressure to draw through the filter. I sped up the clip so it takes 10sec.

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so you can run it off mains power using a USB phone charger, or battery pack. A 5,000maH pack will run it for ~8hrs.

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filter is $35 from bunnings, used in multiple cheap shop vacuums. HEPA H13 rated. The design uses a 120mm computer fan (~$35) and runs on a portable power bank, like you charge your phone with.

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I haven't talked about this on here, but I've been working on a design for a low-cost air purifier (<$100) suitable for a kid's bedroom. Looks like this (iphone X for scale)


*checks notes*

....confined space!

lol 20gb worth of RAW files photographing the birds and the child this afternoon.

I need to sort out a proper storage solution, but ~budget~.

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