Kid’s gymnastics lesson. Make it four minutes before she runs out “I need to go to the toilet”.

Having made her go before we left home and when we first arrived here, I may have utter the “for fuck’s sake, kid” a little louder than I meant to. I got looks.

Not a good brain day coupled with toddler and not wanting to go outside because 40 degrees and gale-force winds. It’s all good.

It’s a hot one out there kids. Stay hydrated.

Well, I’m in for a fun couple of days.

The company has never had one of these before. And I have never written one before. Time to translate an afternoon of scribbling on a whiteboard into something people will agree with.

@emmadavidson it wasn’t bad. A bit weird because it has been so long. Wasn’t there ages, so that was good.

I went to a shopping centre today for the first time since early March.

Living on a farm is a perpetual struggle. Kill one mouse, there is immediately another.


@daedalus oh yes. Nice warm weather beer that.

@virtualwolf haha. Fair enough. As @mike said, they’re not for everyone.

@virtualwolf I am willing to bet it was not good vermouth. You need good vermouth otherwise, yes, very varnish remover areas.

@engtao Bub’s mother fills her with sugary pop music, so I counter that with the most inappropriate stuff I can find.

Her other current favourite song is Turbonegro’s Rock and Roll Machine.

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Well, kiddo’s now singing “I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix” so I guess that’s a parenting win.

Got home from swimming, sat on couch, fell asleep for an hour.

I was more tired than I thought.

Australian journalist gets drunk and falls off a building. Okie dokie then.

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