@geordie I keep forgetting that I have absolutely no piss fitness any more. Hoo boy I am not feeling great.

Caught up with a mate I haven’t seen since Christmas and....over indulged a bit.

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Yeah so bit hungover this morning hey.

Electricity make light switch go bbrbbrrrrrrrrrrrerrr

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Local electrician in cannot understand how renewables might actually be a viable source of electricity shock.

The Darrel Lea factory seconds shop down the road from work is open again and hooboy did I just fill the fuck up.

Today has been pretty interesting in so far as the goings on in the office kitchen are concerned, really.

@liamvhogan That was me yesterday. Today's effort was last night's pasta which, while serving its purpose in providing calories, did not taste anywhere as good as it did last night.

Someone has burned their lunch in the kitchen.

The smell is, in a word, unpleasant.

I understand we've all had it a bit rough lately, but I thought things were on the mend, not getting worse.

@peemee Oofff. I went for 6am to 9am window so once it arrives I can duck out and get the fresh fuit/veg and meat for the week.

Today is a day of fact-checking the PPE catalog I've been given to make sure the stuff in it actually exists, and the details provided by the PPE team are actually correct.

Pretty much everything on the list is just a part number and a poorly written description that mentions neither manufacturer or item name. So this is fun*.


@twiddlekins This feels like a pretty wild edge case.


Here's a fun one: What happens if you live outside Albury (but still in NSW) and give birth to your child in Wodonga (because nearest hospital)? Which state do yo register the birth in?

The answer may surprise you:

@futzle pan-fried custard is an interesting idea.

Doesn't sound like something you'd want to eat, but it's certainly interesting.

@grumpysmiffy Scrambled eggs isn't a something that requires much fucking with.

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