Just worked out we can make the chook pen sound fancier by referring to it as our “small-batch artisanal egg farm”.

Ended up with 7. Soup and scones on the horizon.

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@liamvhogan Yeah. Depending on what happens as this passes, they’re going to romp the next election by doing absolutely nothing.

@liamvhogan Pretty sure the people longing for things to “go back to normal” are absolutely the people that made “normal” so horrifically bad and will likely not actually see the other side of this anyway.

I regret to inform you that Erin is making a sourdough starter.

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@liamvhogan and I’m pretty sure my shaker is in a box in the roof space.

@liamvhogan I don’t mind a martini, but also just * pour pour pour stir drink * is a simple recipe and handy after you’ve spent an hour getting a small child to bed.

@pelagikat duly noted. I admit this is not my area of expertise

Really fucking love me a Negroni. Need to start fucking about with vermouths tho.

@daedalus They basically sit out the back of the coop, with a simple latched lid so you can access it without having to into the chook yard.

@daedalus oh. Ours are pretty good. I’ll try and get some photos when it stops raining.

@liamvhogan 100 per cent agree. Just thinking that, for lunch time, I probably should have used the measure.

@emmadavidson Yeah. Thankfully a few places around do a decent “just chuck it in the oven for 10 minutes” pizzas you can pick up on the way home from work*

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