Melbourne Red serving up some absolute trash bowling to Brisbane.

@oysta Thats it. By the time the kid gets off to bed and I get things organised for tomorrow it’s basically 9pm and I just want to stop for 15 minutes before going to bed and starting it all again.

@oysta I’ve been thinking about this too, and spent a lot of time this month trying to get things organised so I could do more writing, but that old trap of “well I could just watch the cricket” is one I keep falling into.

And also being able to sit down for an hour without interruption or needing to do some other chore is a rarity.

I kind of feel that some sort of yachting experience is a good idea before taking on a “round the world” race.

Tonight's cricket is going to be great for aficionados of the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern system.

I didn’t take any after photos. You’ll just have to trust it was all delicious although the corn needed to be on another few minutes. There are no leftovers.

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(Dinner is early because the seppopotamian arm of the family arrived today and they all could do with an early night.)

Farm fresh from this morning’s local farmers market.

Pretty sure the meat probe is misfiring, so we’ll ignore that saying the meat is ready. Another half hour by the old calculations. Potatoes are in. Last part will be the corn.

Soon the root vegetables shall be added.

The secret ingredient is a cubic fucktonne of olive oil.

[to the tune of Glenn Frey’s 1984 hit “the heat is on”]

The meat is on


The meat is on

Later it will be roasted in the bbq for an amount of time, along with some potatoes and corn.

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