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Coming Up: Coronavirus Pandemic.

Always good to see the public broadcaster on top of the yarns.

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Just so you know, these stories will appear until the heat-death of the universe, and there will forever always be this catch in the person's rags to riches tale.

The rule is no drinking on school nights, but rules are basically out the window at this point.


That’s a horrifying sight to overtake your screen as you’re scrolling the feed of racist Karen’s from the Facey groups.

the plague is good for something. It's finally forced old mate to stay at his desk and fucking write.

In other news, the Tasmania Premier is a leader for us all.

I don’t even know why I’m protecting the identity of this absolutely brain-damaged fuckholes that I guarantee you are exactly the fucking problem.

It’s happened. I’ve cracked and become That Guy.

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This is an extremely dumb line of questioning from Karvelas.

A small amount of potato. Soon, I shall add an equal amount of butter and then mash.

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Just going to throw it out there, but if you're ram-raiding supermarkets, I doubt you're "buying" anything.

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The problem with Dutto being in isolation for two weeks having being the first human-vegetable transmission of The Virus, is that he's been reading the racist Facebook posts more than usual.

This is how it starts.

Tasmania is going to seceded from the Commonwealth.

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