In other news, dinner tonight is reheated bolognese sauce (Erin makes a cracking bolognese sauce, this is leftovers from a previous batch) and fresh pasta made in the next suburb over.

auspol, Van badham 

This is all well and good, but pretty pointless unless it’s coupled with planning rules that mean we can build more in areas that ~aren’t~ at high-risk for bushfires.

Looking at you, entirety of Sydney’s inner west that should be bulldozed.

I kind of feel that some sort of yachting experience is a good idea before taking on a “round the world” race.

Farm fresh from this morning’s local farmers market.

[extremely last week tonight with John Oliver how is this a thing voice]

How is this a thing?

Ahhh yes. The Wollemi Pines are in a secret location that you’ll never find because it’ll be the only unburnt area of bush for FUCKING MILES.

What is this even supposed to mean?

I think it’s a climate change denial thing, but I cannot parse it at all (based off the people who I have written supportive comments).

Well fuck that's going to be an inconvenient outage.

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