I understand we've all had it a bit rough lately, but I thought things were on the mend, not getting worse.

I've been casually marking the ads I see on Facebook as "irrelevant" and asking not to see any more from that particular advertiser for a couple of weeks.

The algorithm is starting throw up some weird shit now.

I am 100 per cent here for "yellow peril but it's Victorians" articles.

In what can only be described as extremely 2020 areas, there is a deer loose on one of the main roads in my area.

I live in south-west Sydney, Australia.

Now, I know continental drift is a thing but I really didnt know we’d already crashed headlong into Canada.

UPDATE 2: I have a second meeting starting as soon as the first ends.

It runs until 12 January 2141.

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UPDATE: It was not 30 December 1999.

It was 30 December EIGHTEEN NINETY-NINE.

A one hundred and twenty year-long meeting.

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auspol, ablo, disappointment 

Imagine fucking saying that with a straight face Jesus fuck what a useless waste of space he is.

Ahahaaaa. I had no idea Apple do the whole AR product catalogue thing on their website.

Dumb, yes, but fun to see how stuff would look on your desk.

Looks like the foxes have remembered we have chickens.

Very excited to see the second gin delivery in as many days arrived safe and sound.

Looks like NearMap is doing more photo runs over Sydney today.


Uhhh...this ad just appeared on a random webpage I was viewing and.....I don't think this is going to be a good programme.

Opening the book. How long will this take to arrive?

In what I can only describe as a genuine suprise, Australian business owners are hells keen on a policy whereby they don't have to actually pay their staff.

I am at a licensed establishment drinking a beer from a tap and deadset I really thought I’d be lucky to be doing this by my birthday in two months time.

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