Le Mans 

LE MANS (well, Road to Le Mans support race).

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Excited to report I have been on two (2) roofs and have fallen off zero (0) roofs.

Washing is almost but not entirely dry. Rain is coming. I am leaving it as long as I possibly can. Game on.

This list (via internet reporter Cameron Wilson: twitter.com/cameronwilson/stat) kind of shoots the whole "CONSPIRACY LOON FREE FOR ALL" thing in the foot.

Craig Kelly, sure, but the rest are seemingly innocent (although I dislike Tanya Plibersek she's not anywhere near Kelly).

And I'm willing to bet what the content of the Sky News/7News stuff is - not good.

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crass middle-aged white bloke insensitivity 

Nula really, really feels like it should be the name of a sex toy, not a serious program exploring important indigenous issues.

Have just become aware of colleague’s latest lock screen.

"Are You Tougher Than Your Ancestors" in which a primary school student does battle with a corpse.

The corpse, obviously, doesn't move but can the child overcome being confronted with their own mortality to take the victroy?

Find out on ABC today at 2:30, after Behing The News.

Mix (1) and then you’re pretty much done (2).

Garnish? Sure, a bit of orange peel if you have one handy. Me? It’s 8pm on a Friday night and I cannot be fucked in the least. Also we don’t have any oranges in the house.

But that’s your negroni. Enjoy.

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Finally: gin.

Fun fact: you don’t need fancy gin. It’s wasted here.

Tonight (again, birthday) I’m over killing it with Tanquery (1), but usually it’s just Gordon’s (2). I’ve been told Beefeater is also perfectly fine but I just cannot bring myself to buy it.

Something like this Archie Rose (3) or the Four Pillars Negroni Gin is...uhh....dumb as balls.

Anyway, full measure, in the glass.

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Next: Camapari.

There are a few other bitters I need to get my hands on (Økar is one), but generally don’t stray from the classics.

Full measure, in the glass.

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Right. Here’s how I make my negronis.

Start with a big ice cube in the glass. Big ones melt slower than small ones so you don’t water down your drink too quickly. (1)

Then comes the vermouth. This is the one I’m using tonight because birthday present. Full measure, pour it over the ice.

Antica Formula is usually my vermouth of choice. Your mileage may vary. If you’re doing this on the real cheap a $15 of Cinzano Rosso works but you’re rapidly approaching varnish remover at that point.


(Not pictured, the two [2] Archie Rose Opera House Inside G&Ts consumed while the child ate dinner)

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