Well, I’m in for a fun couple of days.

The company has never had one of these before. And I have never written one before. Time to translate an afternoon of scribbling on a whiteboard into something people will agree with.

Patiently waiting for someone to climb on the pitched roofs in our training centre so I can take some goddamn photos of it then fuck off because TGIF.

First real storm-weather of the season and I’m trying to work out it that nicely developing cell is going to hit the farm or not.

Bluey is Australia's biggest cultural export since Crocodile Dundee.


Because it's very good.

How good?

Well, they know their audience to a fucking tee.

Extremely dumb jokes that I'm pretty sure no one is going to get.

Le Mans 

LE MANS (well, Road to Le Mans support race).

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Excited to report I have been on two (2) roofs and have fallen off zero (0) roofs.

Washing is almost but not entirely dry. Rain is coming. I am leaving it as long as I possibly can. Game on.

This list (via internet reporter Cameron Wilson: twitter.com/cameronwilson/stat) kind of shoots the whole "CONSPIRACY LOON FREE FOR ALL" thing in the foot.

Craig Kelly, sure, but the rest are seemingly innocent (although I dislike Tanya Plibersek she's not anywhere near Kelly).

And I'm willing to bet what the content of the Sky News/7News stuff is - not good.

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crass middle-aged white bloke insensitivity 

Nula really, really feels like it should be the name of a sex toy, not a serious program exploring important indigenous issues.

Have just become aware of colleague’s latest lock screen.

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