I went into the city today to meet up with some work people for a paid-for-by-work lunch. The trains were timed stupidly so I took the 5D4 in and took some photos before lunch! flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/

The place we went to had negronis on the menu, and never having had one before and not paying for it myself, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm afraid I did not care for it at all (cc @MattHatton).


@virtualwolf I am willing to bet it was not good vermouth. You need good vermouth otherwise, yes, very varnish remover areas.

@MattHatton Ahh, hahah. I don't know what one looks for in vermouth, might just steer cleer of those in future I think. (I'm not going to get a whole bottle of it in case I actually intensely dislike even good vermouth).

@virtualwolf haha. Fair enough. As @mike said, they’re not for everyone.

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