Well, kiddo’s now singing “I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix” so I guess that’s a parenting win.

Her other current favourite song is Turbonegro’s Rock and Roll Machine.

@MattHatton I took my seven-year-old daughter to an exhibition at the National Portrait gallery on portraits of prominent Australian women. We walk in and see a picture of the Divinyls' lead singer near the entrance, and she says 'Look Daddy, it's Chrissie Amphlett!' I enjoyed that, though it also doesn't say much for me as a musical influence.

@engtao Bub’s mother fills her with sugary pop music, so I counter that with the most inappropriate stuff I can find.

@MattHatton @engtao there better be lots of Rage Against The Machine and NIN and Hole in that mix

@emmadavidson That's Mum's music more than mine. I did sing 'You are the perfect rug' a lot when we went rug shopping a couple of years ago. Not sure if that counts...

@MattHatton Both Mum and I listen to lots of different styles of music, but my daughter (now 10) loves Taylor Swift and my younger son loves the Hooley Dooleys... we hope the other music will rub off on them some time.

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