I drove on the M5 motorway this morning and it made me want to commit serious acts of violence.

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@MattHatton there’s a dream job I’m considering applying for, a big pay bump, I’m quite qualified, it would involve a lot of the M5. I’m conflicted.

@liamvhogan If you can either do it earlier or later then it's *tolerable*.

@MattHatton will it be much better than a twenty minute walk or five minute bike ride? This is the competition and I don’t think a 4am start to beat the traffic is going to cut it

@MattHatton the inner west to the illawarra. You see my dilemma

@liamvhogan The thing working in your favour there is that you're going against the traffic - it's utterly fucked going into the city, but if you're going away from it the run is good.

@liamvhogan The bigger problem is working out how to navigate The Shire because the Princes Highway is a dumpster fire and Google Maps is notionally suggesting driving through Padstow to Menai to Heathcote which is an annoying circle.

@MattHatton I knew a woman who did uni at Sydney while living in Wollongong. I don’t use the word ‘superhuman’ often, but sometimes it’s the only noun to fit

@liamvhogan I did five months of commuting from Newcastle to Sydney for work when I finished uni and, frankly, fuck that shit.

@liamvhogan @MattHatton solution: move to Canberra. But only if I get elected because I’ve promised to build a shit ton of Copenhagen style bike paths and more light rail and increase bus services.

@emmadavidson @MattHatton for ten points I dare you to advocate for the most progressive of all transport policies: heavy parking tolls

@emmadavidson @MattHatton also I would consider living in Canberra if I had any confidence less than half the other drivers on the road weren’t drunk

@liamvhogan @MattHatton problem solved. We have e-scooter share system, all the drunk people ride scooters home now.

@liamvhogan @MattHatton is that more progressive than just saying I’m taking 20% of the roads and parking budget and giving it to cycle paths? Cos I already did that.

@ThermiteBeGiants @MattHatton yeah it’s a lots of site visits thing, but it looks like vehicles provided. Still.

@liamvhogan @MattHatton really need to get the Maldon-Dombarton railway built so there’s fast rail between Western Sydney and the Illawarra

@ThermiteBeGiants @liamvhogan Which reminds me, I am yet to walk out to that partially completed bridge, despite driving past it most days a week.

@MattHatton @liamvhogan they were going to build it for the wrong reasons but the route still has some utility in the future

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