The glorious smell of WD-40.

*Inhales deeply*

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@liamvhogan where is the oral history of water disperal formulas one through 39?

@MattHatton everyone loves WD-40, real heads love light machine oil (sewing machine oil, ‘3-in-1’)

@liamvhogan @MattHatton fettlers swear by 50:50 graphite and red oil (aka wheel journal oil)

@ThermiteBeGiants @MattHatton 3:1 petrol and diesel, about 10mls heavy motor oil, some sand, a sock in the bottle neck. Wait what were we talking about

@liamvhogan @ThermiteBeGiants @MattHatton Equal proportions of automatic transmission fluid and acetone for loosening stubborn rusted parts. Corrosive: do not store in plastic containers, they will get eaten away. Shake well before use: these liquids do not mix readily.

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