“Yes this work you did is great but can we not do that and instead use this thing someone else did up in what I can only guess was MS Paint”

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Dear god. I wrote this lovely email, that was all signed off and I ready to send but no wait the director has written his own version so bin yours and send that instead.

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It's crap.

You know the sort of person that tries to sound all official and legal by trying overly hard to be clever with the words they use? It's that. And I fucking hate it.

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It’s done. I sent it. I can move on with my life now.

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@MattHatton I work with a few people who fit that description, and they are not all engineers. Some have accounting/legal backgrounds. Yes, it's infuriating.


save both. print them out. print his in comic sans. hang them up somewhere prominent. for the record.

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