In what can only be described as extremely 2020 areas, there is a deer loose on one of the main roads in my area.

I live in south-west Sydney, Australia.

Now, I know continental drift is a thing but I really didnt know we’d already crashed headlong into Canada.

@MattHatton ah you're in one of the bits where deer aren't a major invasive species then. Come south a bit one day the dumb destructive fucks are everywhere.

@MattHatton that said, they're spreading quite rapidly, and you've seen one, so there's probably hundreds

@twiddlekins I was today years old when I learned Australia has a feral deer problem.

@daedalus @MattHatton and you're in NSW too which means you can shoot as many as you please.

@daedalus @MattHatton @twiddlekins finding the bloody deer is the problem... they’ve infested the Dandenong Ranges. Some prick in Warburton had a deer farm a few decades back, went out of business and just let the fuckers run loose instead of finishing up slaughtering them. Special place in hell for that cunt

@MattHatton Sambar deer in my neck of the woods, they've been more rapidly encroaching on suburbia over the past decade.

@MattHatton in fact I'd say you're almost as likely to see a deer on the outskirts of town as you are a kangaroo these days.

@twiddlekins I can say with absolute certainty that is not the case here.

@MattHatton @twiddlekins yep my sister’s boyfriend and his family shoot them. Then my sister helps them make sausages.

@MattHatton I collided with a deer that suddenly appeared on the inside of a blind corner a few years ago at dusk. This was a rural area 60 km SE of Melbourne CBD. The road starts getting steep around that corner so I wasn't going too fast, just clipped the blighter's left rear hoof at about 10 kph.
Cost me $7.80 to reattach the car's plastic bumper, one plastic clip had sheared off & they sell them in packs of two.
Very lucky indeed.

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