I’m having complicated feels about BuzzFeed AU closing down.

Obviously, this is bad because they did good shit in areas often ignored by the other outlets.

But also, did we really think Uber-capitalist Seppo “scale and figure out the money later” was actually a solid and lasting business model for a media outlet?


Did they ever make good money by having Minties sponsor a “Which Allen’s Lollie Are You,” quiz?

@MattHatton I expect it worked for their teens to twenties audience, who just expect they’re being advertised and sold to all the time.

@emmadavidson I dunno. I mean, I used to read BF pretty regularly up until the first round of layoffs last year (??).

But whether I also clicked enough of their stupid* stuff as well, which I did a fair bit of too, I doubt.

They also made a lot of the good stuff hard to find. Their front page led way too heavily in the “last night on MAFS”/branded content stuff so I stopped.

@emmadavidson I guess they worked out they can make the easy stuff for basically no money, and it got to the point it wasn’t covering the losses of having a decent journo unit doing actual news that would drive a bit of traffic back to it.

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