Water pump appears to have overheated and tripped out. Which is awesome during a time when you need to wash your hands a lot.

Googling the manual for the pump to try and work out if I can troubleshoot the problem is not how I imagined spending my afternoon. But here we are.

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Pump fucked.

I’m good news, turns out the father-in-law and I are very clever. Last time it shit itself, we bodged up the fittings so that swapping to the spare pump is a relatively easy process.

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Next project: over-engineered setup so the father-in-law can record a sermon for his church on Sunday.

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Next project will, of course, be to produce this recording. I had to get talked out of setting up more cameras so I had some angles to cut between. I need help.

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@liamvhogan @mikelynch @MattHatton I have that CD at home somewhere, it’s in my top 3 “Times when respected Soviet Union institutions had to embarrass themselves in the ‘90s for cash” along with the Pepsi Flotilla and Gorby Goes To Pizza Hut

@Kels_316 You are asking the wrong person. It’s the father-in-law’s and guitars are not anywhere near my wheelhouse.

@Kels_316 Soon. We’ve adjourned for dinner (me) and bible study (absolutely not me)

@MattHatton Looks good. What mic and camera are you using?

@daedalus It’s my Canon 5D mkIV and a Rode Podcaster because that’s what I had in the drawer.

@daedalus I think I can run it all into Premiere and record it in one go, but failing that I’ll do the video into the camera and sound into Audition and sync it in post.

@MattHatton I liked what I could do with Premiere, but I can get Blender to do what I need since I hacked a script together to render the video on more than one core and I kinda resent paying Adobe monthly fees for stuff I rarely use.

@daedalus I hate paying Adobe monthly fees for stuff I use every week. But here we are. And it’s a tax write-off.

@MattHatton I'd probably be less bothered if using it didn't mean firing up a Windows 10 VM and then waiting several years for it to patch itself before I can actually start doing anything.

@MattHatton I would quite like to get some nice Rode mics.
Also upgrade my 20D to a 5D mk*something* but I barely use it any more so I shouldn't.

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