Here’s a tidbit that only just dawned on me:

Erin’s parents are serving out their 14-day quarantine post-international travel. They can’t go to the shops.

Erin can get really bad asthma, so she’s obviously not going to the shops.

Bub is three. She can’t take herself to the shops.

I’m the only person currently that can do grocery shopping.

Shopping for two families with the restrictions in place, while simultaneously trying to minimise my risk by doing it as little as possible is....hard.


It’s not even that bad, really.

I mean, even in isolation, the in-laws could order the “most vulnerable prioritised home delivery” or whatever.

But there are people more in need that could use those slots. And I don’t mind going out.

But it’s another thing to think about, not that the selfish hoards care, about how forcing restrictions just to enable anything remotely resembling equitable transactions can end up hurting people.

I argued for a week with my dayjob so I could work from home. I want to reduce as much as I can the risk of Erin’s Dad contracting this thing because if he gets it things are going to be real rough for him, even in the best of circumstances.

I don’t want the guilt of being the reason he gets it on my conscience. But I also understand I’m the person most equipped to roll the dice on this.

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If I end up catching this and contaminating the farm because I had to make an extra shopping trip because I need to buy three litres of milk instead of two or whatever, you had better believe I am absolutely going to come for the people responsible - middle class, white boomers.

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@MattHatton I mean, I think we should just go for the middle class, white boomers anyway.... This is the reason we're going to need the Mad Max style post-apocalyptic costume change.

@MattHatton I guess you could have argued to work that if they wouldn't let you work from home, they'd have to let you live at work because you weren't going to endanger your family by going back and forth every day.

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