Yeah so it looks like on Monday I'm going to become qualified in the inspection and tagging of fall arrest harnesses, slings, ropes and the like.

So, yeah, next week if you need your PPE checked, hit me up.

@liamvhogan Consequence of something I'm doing for work.

But hey apparently you can charge, like, $160/hr for this bullshit so I'll side hustle that into some pocket money.

@MattHatton I am certain that @Kels_316 has views about this but IMO harness 'inspections' and tagging are basically a lucrative hustle, yes—nothing gets checked that the person wearing it shouldn't be checking anyway, every time

@MattHatton @liamvhogan you can get this "qualification" in an online course that takes about an hour. It's definitely a thing that needs doing, but the way it's achieved in industry is a cash cow.

@MattHatton @liamvhogan I'm all for it. If companies want to pay us to come and do the thing they're also paying their employees to do then who am I to argue?

@Kels_316 @MattHatton I sense a danger in Worker A saying 'I can see that this harness is fucked, but Worker B certified it as not-fucked, so I'm not sure'

@Kels_316 @MattHatton @liamvhogan dodgy accreditation and paid tick box safety ass covering in industry?! Say it ain't so!

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