Going through and slowly moving all the content off my old website/s into the new one.

Today's effort: The Sunset Series of photos, which may become an ongoing project this year if I can find the time: matthewhatton.id.au/news/2020/

(Obviously, with a small child, being outside taking photos of an evening is hard to wrangle)


Eventually, I'll 301 mjhphoto.com.au over to matthewhatton.id.au (want to keep the domain and associated G Suite stuff for the time being because paid google things are good to have)

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Suffice to say, I sucked balls as a freelancer. I am not good and drumming up business.

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@MattHatton The annoying overhead parts of running your own business are not given enough attention by those promoting it as a desirable lifestyle.

@daedalus Indeed, although a lot of that problem was solved by not having any clients and doing very little actual work.

Now I'm back working "properly", if I can get it to "fun pocket-money" levels I'll be laughing.

@MattHatton Hobbies are way more fun when they're not actually jobs.

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