My website how has a 404 page.

Staggered to learn those are still a thing and they don't just redirect you back home with a note going "whoops something dun fucked up"

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@MattHatton Yeah, but a 404 makes it clear WHAT has fucked up. And that I didn't do it. :P

@Tarale And of course now I've read that not in the CMS, I've changed the copy because I should be a bit more literate. (don't write in the CMS)

@MattHatton That pretty much does it. If there's a search field, that's usually helpful too.

Ahh I can't tell but I think I just felt like I... miss... fixing all the broken links on the website I managed... huh

@Tarale There's a sitemap underneath that because the whole thing is about 15 pages so you don't really need/want to do some weird search that's probably not going to show the correct things anyway.

@MattHatton Ah yes. Excellent. That will work very well.

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