What is this even supposed to mean?

I think it’s a climate change denial thing, but I cannot parse it at all (based off the people who I have written supportive comments).

“Well we could deal with the problem or we could do something pointless.”

Well yeah, but also there’s no tip nearby, you don’t have a car or truck and the hoarder piles more shit in quicker than you can remove so .....

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@MattHatton it’s the “greenies wont let us backburn” horseshit, plus the whole denialist line has been conflating how fires start with what makes them hard to put out

@MattHatton Yeah, they're trying to suggest that cutting down a bunch of trees will help.
It actually functions more like opening all the doors and windows and making sure there's lots of oxygen getting to the fire.

@daedalus I read it as a hazard reduction burn thing (because the greenies don't like that. Allegedly.).

But in that analogy, the hoarder is taking all the money you're giving them to hire people to clean up their place and using it to buy more shit off eBay instead.

@daedalus Might ping @mikelynch into this thread because that should also be a response to his toot.

@MattHatton We have already spent more time thinking about this than the dickhead posting the insanity did. I won't waste any more of my time on it.

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