(For international readers: Angus Taylor - who is a deadshit - is a local MP)

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“It’s been a very busy year,” writes Angus Taylor - who is a deadshit.

Doesn’t mention how he’s spent most of it trying to distance himself from the simple fact he’s one of the most corrupt people currently sitting in parliament.

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“Hume,” he goes on to say, “continues to see strong growth and investment under the Morrison Government.”

Well, being home to both Angus Taylor - who is a deadshit - and Mark Latham is seen the racism stocks rise pretty highly, I’ll give him that.

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“Having a strong economy will mean tax relief,” Angus says.

We do not currently have a strong economy, so no tax relief will be forthcoming.

Won’t mention how a strong economy is a sign you shouldn’t start slashing taxes - save that for when you want to encourage spending during a slow down, spending the money raised during the boom times.

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Angus lists his achievements as the local MP.

They’re all minor road improvements that would fall under the auspices of state government.

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“I sincerely wish you a merry Christmas...”

I sincerely wish you’d go to gaol.

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@grumpysmiffy Angus Taylor - who is a deadshit - doesn’t know much, as a general rule.

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