Nine weeks of working at home, and I’m back in the office.

There’s no coffee.

You had better believe I am having some drinks after today.

Tastes good. Rave reviews from the Manor House residents.

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Too much liquid, as is always the fucking case with anything I do in the crockpot. But whatever. The smells. Oh my god the smells.

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Tonight, we shall bone.


T-bone steak.

I’m cooking steak.

Couple of slices of that with honey is a pretty good way to start the day.

Also, once it’s a bit less fresh, it makes the most delicious toast.

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Erin found a little Vietnamese French bread shop tucked away at the back of an arcade in Camden.

They made a sourdough that is absolutely not a sourdough at all by any definition, but it’s fucking delicious.

Soon I must away to collect pizza. I am very excited for 40 minutes in the car by myself.

Facebook experts moving from epidemiology to public health policy going about as well as you’d expect.

Roll call:

Me, Erin Bub

Nanna, Pappa

Middle brother, wife, two kids

Youngest brother, wife, two kids (one is a newborn)

Grandpa, his partner


Sixteen fucking people.

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Fucken hell.

Bub’s great-grandfather and his partner turned up.

Also her great-aunt is here too.

Cast of fucking thousands.

Yeah I don’t know why the exposure compensation was over a stop, but whatever. I’ll fix it in post.

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On kid duty today. Keep forgetting I’m actually OK at taking photos.

University of Facebook legal scholars having a conference in the local groups.

Did they ever make good money by having Minties sponsor a “Which Allen’s Lollie Are You,” quiz?

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