I wish I could find the ad Toyota is running for their C-HR small SUV on Australian TV at the moment because it absolutely explains how I came to call the thing "Chad, from Human Resources".

Why in all holy fuck does have a FIVE GAME MULTI-LEVEL FINALS SERIES?

I mean, who the fuck cares. Can anyone name an overall winner of the previous eight editions of this tournament? Fuck no.

Turned on the and Isa Guha is taking about “getting a good 12-inches” and, yes, I’m sure I’ve got the right channel.

(Dinner tonight is, like, frozen crumbed fish and potato gems. I was going to bbq sausages and do a salad but like fuck am I going outside and breathing in all that delicious top soil. So the menu has been swapped)

*sits down to spend some quality time online*

*oven timer goes off signalling dinner is ready*

Twitter are in contact with Erin about FindABed so I’m trying to utilise that to get my birdshite account unbanned.

My work computer is currently a glorified MP3 player as I’ve decided it’s actually nicer to write on my own laptop hunched over the end of my desk instead.

Just walked outside.

That was a mistake.

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And the London Bureau, is one of the fucking worst of them.

It fucking blows my mind that people like Mr Forrest (who for international readers is a mining magnate) can talk about how dry fuel loads in the bush are increasing and how the windows for doing controlled preventative burns is decreasing but not one fucking journalist seems to go "so what you've described there is climate change".

.....and how did the fuel loads come to be so bad, Andrew? I wonder.

Managed to get the child out of bed, into the car and delivered to daycare in shithouse traffic and still made it to work on time.

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Anyway, I've got to get up and do the morning daycare run. Which involves going on the M5, Sydney's south west motorway.

It's one of the most fundamentally fucked roads in the country.

So I'm going to brush my head and start making my way towards bed.

Proponents of hydrogen cars and people that reckon fully autonomous driving is just five years away are the same sort of person.

Ones that don't actually understand what is involved to make it work the way they want it do in their heads.

The TL;DR is batteries and charging capabilities for plug-in systems will improve to a more useful point for people quicker than it will take to roll out hydrogen refilling capabilities to the majority of petrol stations (or to build bespoke hydrogen stations).

Trucking and freight, tho, is a different kettle of fish and hydrogen will probably work there.

But click the link. There's pictures.


Writing a blogue about electric and hydrogen cars and I've worked out I still remember the login to Toyota's press site which means GLORIOUS HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES.

So Erin is down the south coast doing FindABed stuff, Bub is in bed and I have the house to myself.

So I'm sitting on the floor clipping my toenails.

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