I’ve had a negroni, a very strong beer and more than one beers of intermediate strength.

I’m struggling to keep my eyes open so perhaps bed is a good idea.

According to the bottle shop, these are brand new and they’d had their first batch delivered an hour before I arrived.

At first sip, taste is vøry gùd.

Hey so remember how the other day I had the Stonecutter's song stuck my head.

Welcome to today's earworm: youtube.com/watch?v=PI_Jl5WFQk

It happened.

I went to write the date and wrote 28/02/19.

How I got to the very fucking end of February without screwing up what year it is, I don't know.

Fuck yeah wide awake at midnight love this shit.

I will fix the responsive bits at some point, but that requires having more than hour to myself to actually think about what I'm doing.

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Which isn't to say I've fixed the things that are wrong when you look at the page on mobile, but look at least all the buttons now use same colour scheme for normal/hover so there's some consistency there.

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Quite afternoon at home means I get time to plug away on a few things I wanted to fix on my website.

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My favourite sort of phone call. The one where I don't know the number, so it goes through to voicemail, but they don't bother leaving one.


I figured out how to get my laptop hooked into the company network.

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ausmedia, auspol, racism 

This feels like someone is leaving Cold War era passphraases littered around the office.

“Orange is the new blue”

“Yes, but only in Monaco every other Tuesday”

“Thank god it’s you, 007”

Kids, I didn’t cook enough. But of course if I’d added another handful I’d be drowning in fucking penne wondering how the fuck such a small box made so much fucking pasta.

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Staring at the box of pasta trying to work out how much I need to cook for myself and Bub tonight, and maybe two serves of leftovers for work and knowing whatever amount I pick it’ll be wrong.

This is going to sound very woke Chile, but I just told Bub about going to the cricket on Sunday:

Bub: “Is it boys cricket or girls cricket?”

Me: “Girls cricket”


(It isn’t her favourite. Everything she has even a passing interest in is her favourite. Still, nice she’s excited about going. She immediately asked if she could see the tickets which, thanks earlier me, I’d already printed off)

Reader, I am not going to read the story to find out.

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Honestly, in the context of what this story has been filed under, and the fact the quote in the headline is from Kerri-Anne Kennerley, holder of many trash opinions, I have genuinely no idea whether that’s supposed to mean getting an OAM is more or less prestigious than a Logie.

I'd usually catch the train to such a thing, but with Bub and given it's a Sunday I'd rather the trip didn't take two hours or more each way.

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