Patiently waiting for someone to climb on the pitched roofs in our training centre so I can take some goddamn photos of it then fuck off because TGIF.

I love our local butcher. The meat produces the most impressive fat fires on the barbecue.

I may have singed some hair.

Fucking Christ I have to modify what should be a pretty straight forward email template but the fucking program they use has its own scripting language and also I finally worked some of it out to build a text-only version which for reasons passing understanding is required but also I cannot send a test of it well done everyone.

First real storm-weather of the season and I’m trying to work out it that nicely developing cell is going to hit the farm or not.

Bluey is Australia's biggest cultural export since Crocodile Dundee.


Because it's very good.

How good?

Well, they know their audience to a fucking tee.

No, I really don't feel like spending my long weekend helping clean up other people's shit.

There has been some tremendous internet over the last 24 hours.

I've been in this job for a little over 12 months and I have still not figured out how to actually ring up a purchase order so I can buy dumb shit like music for a video.

I drove on the M5 motorway this morning and it made me want to commit serious acts of violence.

ok woah I am very tired all of a sudden.


The glorious smell of WD-40.

*Inhales deeply*

It took me three (3) goes to write a the letter W ( kept writing S) and now I've just spelled the word "blog" as "bolw".

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(bot content) Good news from the Australian government! 

"If you have an onion, you get an onion!", declared the Prime Minister during his announcement of the new JobScorcher program, supporting the nation's philandering true-blue Aussies.

Bub is staying with Nanna this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow morning.

I am day drinking.

What if I just drank 40,000 beers and slept for four days.

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