'Tim Rifat, White magicians and Kalki
Unified Magic Part 21 Yahweh & Christ Slaughtered by Kalki Using Amalek 2019
on YouTube' '
Guy Verhofstadt
Have we found the Brexit bonus? A new colour which reduces rights, made by a French - Dutch company in Poland.'

@Maggot not diplomatic reasons more Imperialistic or lets say building a Base in Europe

@Maggot oh the EU will fuck with them i just don't know how - prob a lot of waiting times at Airports and Fees everywhere

@Maggot they bought Tate & Layle (sugar) Bowers & Wilkins top high end loudspeakers - new Embassy in London $1.2 B

@yukiame European Union (EU) Strangles Britain's economy while the rest of the world watches

So far Getting Brexit Done
Removal of our MEP's & loss of voting rights during the transition period.
Produced a 50p coin (again).
Blue passports commissioned through a French company & made in Poland.
Increase in waiting times at airports.
Brexit Not Done, not even prepped.

1952 - The Emperor and the Golem

The Emperor's Baker (1951), The Emperor And The Golem (1952) with English subtitles

Description from:

'The most expensive movie ever made in Europe', shared on Facebook no problem. Uploaded to YouTube I find that it's blocked worldwide!
I uploaded the torrent content to as a .zip file. Available for 7 days only.
Torrent is at:
From Cybersage at: 'Munich, Germany: Imperial Grandeur in the Residenz'
can be considered further viewing to 'Franz, Duke of Bavaria' 'Emily Elizabeth Windsor Cragg Shechai Yah, Drama diorama supplanting actual life'
Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg (Shechai Yah), Drama diorama supplanting actual life
Drama. Overtakes. Reason
on YouTube

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