"How many people does a need to damage a company’s ? And what kind of data would be most effective in poisoning a particular system?" via @_karenhao


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We're thrilled to confirm
as one of our keynote speakers for linux.conf.au 2021. He'll explain how software freedom is essential to human freedom, and discuss the urgency of reclaiming our digital rights in an era of digital monopolies. #lca2021


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The countdown is on: Just 7 days ‘til linux.conf.au 2021 😱 . Have you got your tix? We can’t wait to hear from our speakers, including keynotes, Cory Doctorow @pluralistic, Omoju Miller & Limor Fried. Here's a wee teaser from Cory. #lca2021


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Keen to attend linux.conf.au 2021 (online from 23 to 25 Jan) but need a bit of help to get there? Thanks to our Outreach and Inclusion sponsor, Arm, we have funds set aside to provide financial assistance to linux.conf.au attendees who might need it.

For more info to to: lca2021.linux.org.au/news/fina


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I haven't attended linux.conf.au since 2010 (I think) but in 2021 it's going to be easier and cheaper than usual to attend, online. See you there? linux.conf.au/ #linux #conference

"Amazon needs even more [data] and to be even closer — — to understand the state of me at all times."

and are now providing "surveillance as a service".

t.co/ma3Ut0OhIN via @karaswisher

I'm delighted to be presenting "More voice, less choice" at @linuxconfau in January.

I'll take you on a tour of voice software, and show that as interfaces become more ubiquitous, open alternatives are in decline.

Book your ticket at:


to submit to the @linuxconfau

The topic is "What's next" - what's next in , , , and

is fully online, and we warmly welcome first time Speakers.



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