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Kids agreed to watch the new Beavis and Butthead movie because Beavis wears an AC/DC movie.

They're in for a shock.

In other news, I'm looking forward to the only cultural products from now on being remakes of my teen cultural touchstones.

Library keeps automatically renewing my loans, not sure if the library knows me so well or just highlighting my forgetfulness!

Health system 

I think they opened too many beds but didn't provide enough medical staff to properly operationalise them.

Hi everyone and thanks to @Posty for inviting me to join. I am an RN in the community health sector and previously I worked in a major emergency department for 10+ years. I'm a mum to a 4.5yr old and long term partner to Karen. I love fishing, drawing and gardening but don't get much time to draw these days. I am currently being assessed for ADHD so keen to hear how others have found this process as I'm a bit anxious I won't get a diagnosis. Anyway great to meet you all!

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Went out today with @Kath and mr 4 climbed up the top of the play equipment the highest he’s ever done

Was giving @Tarale a break at home 🏠


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