I really should spend more time here, that being said I hardly spend time anywhere anymore.

@Quokka I’d tell you on the twatter but don’t have your @

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Hey @Quokka your boy is still playing Pokémon we’ve got a few weeks till best friends, I’ll shoot you a toot so he can drop an egg on it. Tell him to keep sending gifts.

I have beer! I also have tomorrow off!

I’ve looked into a rental place, I just think I can’t live here anymore.

Tin roof + rain I’m done! G’night sleep tight or play nice x

I now have 2 fricking days off 2! TWO! I can’t wait. Except for all the washing and housework.

OMFG! I’m back in dementia again tomorrow. Brain hurts. Nighto x

And my left cheek on my bum hurts so bad I’ve pulled a bum muscle.

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4 beers in I’m done! No alarm tomorrow will be awesome. G’night sleep tight or play nice x

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Home! Beer! Today has been full on in women’s dementia.

Mother fucker I don’t want to tomorrow at work, I’m exhausted.

I’m going to crash and burn, 16 hr day tomorrow. G’night sleep tight or play nice x

Oh it’s @aussocialadmin Birthday thank goodness I got a card.(and I do actually have this card) Lol happy birthday

Hi guys! I’ve been busy with family stuff and work. How y’all doing?

It’s my Friday night! I can’t stay awake I’m such a party animal. G’night sleep tight or play nice x

Bloody hell its been a hell of a week. I’m trying to sleep but can’t.

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