It’s my Friday night! I can’t stay awake I’m such a party animal. G’night sleep tight or play nice x

Bloody hell its been a hell of a week. I’m trying to sleep but can’t.

I don’t want to live here anymore.

Today I’ve done absolutely nothing! It’s been fantastic.

I think it’s the no alarm thing that has me rattled,

Cheese toastie it is, set alarm do it again.

I’m sick to death of working my guts out and coming home to nothing. My job is challenging enough I don’t need this.

Fuck this! I’m sick of looking after everyone else. I’m supposed to cook dinner. Fuck that too! I’ll have a cheese toastie. Slothy has shut himself in his room.

Obviously the horse racing is more important than our relationship. I’ve been at work all day up since 5, he’s done 3 loads of washing (which has been left for me to fold)

Slothy and I went and looked at a unit yesterday.

Arghh I just looked at my roster and I’ve got fucking fire training all day Tuesday. Totally forgot about it. Fark!

I can’t wait till Tuesday day off. G’night

Be interesting to see which lodge I’m in tomorrow, I’ve been swapped all week I think the TL doesn’t like me, the feeling is mutual.

So day on the lounge isn’t happening that’s the trouble having a day at home there’s always washing and cleaning to catch up on .

My body feels rooted I’m going to have a day of lounge and movies.

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