reminder that the gender neutral word for emperor/empress is emperaux

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and I'm gonna go live on the phone with the trans colours

when politics makes you anxious i highly recommend just going on spotify and listening to playlists of leftist music. I particularly like historical pieces: hearing the comrades of the past tell you their stories of their hopes and the fights they won and lost is grounding, somehow.

Here's a good playlist with a sample of music from comrades of all different tendencies, and leftist anthems from nations all around the globe:

oh and btw, I just laughed at them for saying that, and then they ended up deleting their account, so I definitely came out ahead on that one

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that was such an experience,,

apparently you're not allowed to both be cute and smart, gotta pick only one I guess,

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I still think about that one time someone got real mad at me and told me I shouldn't expect people to listen to me when I talk about intellectual topics because I'm "going for the cutie pie girl look",

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I have written the word "beep" in your heart

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i need to get access to photoshop again so I can never be killed

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if anyone wants to make my butt bigger

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sitting in the future

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guess who bought a bus ticket

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how much I love women and then you can uhhh tie me up

Setting up a private VPN for mastodon users only so our combined advvertisng profile is the most mastodon thing ever

holy SHIT anamanaguchi are touring the uk and i wanna go see them so bad

Mastodon uniting against twitter is like Smash but we all just beat the shit out of fucking Jack

I'm watching Clown with my flatmates and holy shit it's actually fucking great

**Cambodia says responds to EU over human rights concern**

"Cambodia's government said on Thursday it had responded to the European Union over human rights and political concerns and urged the bloc to consider that nearly one million female workers would be affected if it suspended trade benefits. "

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