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Job interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: I would say my biggest weakness is listening.

Interviewing is wild, because people are trying to convince you to join their company while also trying to figure out why you shouldn’t be allowed to. I hate when an interviewer goes badly and they’re like: so do you have any questions for me? And you have to pretend like there’s any reason at all to ask. We both know HR is gonna politely tell me to fuck off in two days. Let’s just end this so I can go take a shit.

Learning content thoughts (TypeScript, but also general, CW length) 

Reading some TypeScript stuff.

It's hard for authors to strike the balance between assuming you know nothing and assuming you know everything except the one thing they are teaching!

E.g. trying to dig into the unknown type and handling it.

Author starts off well, but quickly throws in some off hand examples that assume I'm already really comfortable with Utility Types, Intersection Types, Generics, Type Predicates, and built in type aliases.

Each of those is a whole thing, and determining the correct order of laying that stuff out, and pointing to prerequisite knowledge is a really tough challenge.

I appreciate every effort from anyone sharing anything that extends upon the offical docs with real world examples, but wading through it is tough!

Gotta be comfortable being uncomfortable at first though, eh?

Thought I'd have a quick scroll on the other place...

Nope, still makes me feel bad

Mac Nonsense (+) 

Out here mashing cmd + ctrl + opt + T to open the terminal like God intended

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Mac Nonsense (+) 

I’m new to Macs after years on Linux and it’s been annoying me that you seemingly can’t do something as simple as bind a global shortcut to launching particular apps without buying Alfred or something similar…

Today I learned you can create automator actions, write a little apple script and bind that as a service to a global shortcut

Life is good again!

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.

The adjective for metal is metallic, but not so for iron, which is ironic.

Someone on LinkedIn reached out asking me if I was scared of transitioning to dev work from teaching English because of the maths...

I took Scott Hanselman's advice of not replying to DMs when you have a lot to say but write a blog post instead and link to it.

Here's my thoughts about it if anyone is interested too :)

4AM. Can't sleep.

Why doesn't this work?
<a href="">See the source code</a>

If I type into a browser
I see the source.

But neither Firefox or Chrome will open it as a hyperlink.


Mac is shitting me today 

See also, computer keeps going to sleep? Just change the settings...

[...reporter touching ear] installing a third party app!

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Mac is shitting me today 

Magic mouse is too sensitive to side scrolling in a text editor.

You'd think there'd be a way to disable that with a simple setting, right?


You need a third party developed app to do that!

For all the fanfare around 'Macs just work!!!' compared to Linux 'you can't expect users to customize their experience to get everything working' it's really fucking annoying that obvious config stuff is seemingly only possible if I install apps or develop them myself.

Please tell me there is a unix style terminal command I can run to make the mouse behave 🥺

Work (+) 

I've arrived just in time for the 'we're converting everything to TypeScript' work, so I guess I'll be learning TS!

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Work (+) 

Submitted my first PR at my new job today!

Feeling pretty good about the place so far :)

Take me down to Dicaprio City
Where the girls are teen
And the boys are fifty

I walked to Sydney Harbour and back in inappropriate footwear and now my feet are barking at me.

Gonna head out and get some dumplings though 🥟

Work has flown me up to Sydney for a couple of days for onboarding.

It's wasted on me, though. I'm not that adventurous when flying solo, so I'll probably not venture much beyond a 200m radius of the office and hotel!

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