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Cooking pancakes in the same skillet we cooked chicken with tumeric last week.

Pancakes are yellow. Tumeric has one hell of a half-life

Successfully hung a tryptic yesterday.

Fiddly precise nonsense.

Trying to build an app with a frontend of React, Apollo, TypeScript and a backend of Apollo, Sequelize, and Sqlite, aka the RATS/ASS stack.

How good is 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields though?

So, so good.

5yo: Mum, do you know wallaby mansion?

Mum: ...

5: We sing it in assembly

M: ...

... Do you mean the National Anthem?

5: NO. Wallaby mansion!

M: *starts singinging* Australians all let us rejoice...

5: yes! how do you know that? It's wallaby mansion!

I'm very tired.

It's been A WEEK.


Urgh. Been awake since 4am, finally decided to bite the bullet and just get up.

Good morning, I guess

If any parents need a Bey Blade consultant, my rates are very reasonable


Haha, I nearly posted a job ad for a position I was looking at in another company in my work slack channel.

That would have been interesting...

Heardle, banger 

Today's heardle is an absolute banger



Saw a screen recording in a PR of just how slow laravel was running on Docker for Mac and told my team their highest priority today was getting off Docker!

Guided one through the process of installing everything and the outcome, according to them, was "snappy"

I live in a happy linux bubble where I didn't realise how bad the issue was for them!

ReactJS nonsense 

I wanted to quickly prototype something with React and React Router tonight.

Unfortunately Router seems to have completely changed its syntax and patterns since the last time I used it.

Pretty annoying to have a wide range of breaking changes and no clues in the error messages that I was using deprecated stuff.

So I wanted to spin up a whole thing in a couple of hours, and instead I spent the evening learning the latest version of React Router and made zero prototype progress

Despite their flaws, previous homeowners established a pretty solid herb garden. Just had to dip into it for some emergency thyme.

Annoyed by the filter situation, I tackled the alarm situation again.

Letting the battery drain didn't work, since it decided on an obnoxious death rattle in the middle of the night.

So today I powered it off, quickly muted the tamper trigger, and then removed the battery completely.

Pressed the panic button to celebrate and was greeted with silence!

Glad we found out after we spent big bucks on an air purifier instead of like 20 on a new filter.

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