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What's the difference between USA and USB?

One wants to connect to all your devices and the other is a wiring protocol.

Skateboard injury update 

So I can bend my arm painlessly, and lean on it mostly without wincing.

Which is to say, I'll prob go to the skatepark on Friday arvo to see if I can fuck it up again.

Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*

I am both the person with the bundle and the guy in the well

Maybe it's because I'm not super well connected here yet, but would I be correct in thinking Mastodon doesn't really ever have a 'main character' in the way :birdsite: does?

Although I guess :birdsite: is sometimes the main character here...

The trending hashtags on Mastodon are so much more peaceful. I feel the Earth is slightly less on fire.

Spelunking under my house doing some repairs, using duct tape on actual ducts.

Asked wife to turn the heating on to test my hacky handiwork...

When a dog is barking shade about another dog it's a subwoofer

I think it was Mita Williams' newsletter that directed me to this article on informal permissionless spaces. It's very good.

MULDER: *runs into the office, yells “Austr-ALIENS,” grabs his passport, and runs back out*

SCULLY: *sighs, follows*

is there a good reason why domestic internet service plans don't just give you a static IP?

I mean...'premium' feature cash cow...sure...but like, a technical reason?

Did the 2nd person who found Orion get a constellation prize?

Is it too much to ask for a voice assistant with a personality?

I wanna walk into a room, yell out "Alexa, crank out some FUCKING JAMS" and have it be like, 'np, I got you!' and then Exile on Coldharbour Lane starts playing loud.

So glad I found lists on Mastodon, it was getting hard keeping you all in my head

Digital Rights Watch - Melbourne Surveillance Track 

Not sure if anyone is interested but Digital Rights Watch is running a Surveillance walking tour of Melbourne to show the impacts of surveillance in a public and private setting. the Walking tour is here

Tech work 

Work commissioned a product agency to review our workflows and pain points.

Their solution is a road map that includes the development of 4 additional platforms/portals.

It's just 3 devs and me...

We're either about to embark on a massive hiring spree and radical change in engineering culture / practices...


Company is about to get a pretty rude awakening about how stretched we all ready are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A topic to ponder for the fediverse:

If you're a veteran of the other place, you probably groaned at the mere suggestion.

Like, the reason I think that it sucks is that it was corrupted by "the Internet's Original Sin" and just got filled with shameless self promoters, and botnets and all the other horrible crap that happened over there.

the really enthusiastic posters of when I didn't associate the phrase 'hellsite' with twitter used to fill like the *entire tweet* with just people to reccomend, which was nuts, I wouldn't normally read those ones

but that even just revealed yet another problem with the platform.

Nobody had any room to provide ACTUAL CONTEXT of who they were reccomending that other people follow.

Comrades should lift each other up, so my current opinion is that it should be brought back.

work from home setup tweak question 

Anyone have a good idea of lighting suitable for video calls, with a window behind me, that doesn't mean I get a bright LED light blinding me?

I'd also like to avoid a ring light...would make me feel too much like an ~influencer~

Mastodon n00b question:

I've never use hashtags much on Twitter, what is usually a good way / good practice to use hashtags here?

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