Disappointed to report that my wifi enabled fridge does not have any open ports.

Spoil sports :(

You know you've given your kid too much unsupervised YouTube time when he holds up a regular water bottle and says

DAD, look! I've got a Dude Perfect bottle

@purserj @futzle i don't wanna encourage this degree of punnery but that was extraordinary

Stud finder reckons there's some sparky bois behind this wall.

That doesn't mean don't drill, it just means drill slowly.

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Happy saturday to all 40ish year old homeowners currently deciding where to drill some ill advised holes in your homes

@josh I've been off it for a month now and I don't miss it

PSA: on the last day, the wordle solution will be ZALGO

@ash @purserj interesting.

Was just going to ask @purserj and @grumpysmiffy if they had any personal experience with those.

It certainly promises to be the easiest solution - if it's actually a stable solution

Wifi really shitting me today.

Any tips on running cables all over your home in a way that does not piss off your spouse?


@stibbons oh no!

You're a step ahead of me at least.

Still running Schrodinger's Backups at the moment...

Very out of shape but did Run the Gap up at Halls Gap today, just the 6k.

Happily did not embarrass myself.

Don't make big life decisions when you're sleep deprived, Jackson

when pushing to git, one must imagine Sisyphus happy

@Steveg58 maths be damned just make one giant irregular biscuit

@ninja ablobcouncil doesn't show up as anything for me, but I choose to believe it is excellent

Can't decide if it would be more productive to start the initial dev work on a new client facing portal, or add blobcat emojis to the company slack

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